Four pieces of mostly unconnected news

One: Mark Penn, formerly of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, tells people in US that it was he who ran Labour’s 2005 general election campaign. I suspect that’d be news to quite a few in the Labour Party. Such as those who ran it.

Two: Alun Cairns, a Conservative Welsh Assembly member, quits post after insulting Italians.

Three: Kelvin MacKenzie needs a crash course in the law if he isn’t to end up in jail for accepting illegal overseas donations.

Four: there’s a very high chance* that support for the Conservative Party has fallen since just before and just after David Davis’s announcement. (That’s the odds that the split samples in the ComRes poll for tomorrow’s papers, which show a fall from 48% to 41%, really do reflect a change in the underlying reality rather than a random sampling fluctuation.)

* Yes, I know I could give a figure with some decimal places just to flaunt the fact that I’ve got a calculator, and a slide rule, and a formula with a square root bit in it and everything. But that’s not really the point, is it?

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