More trouble for the Tories and John Howell in Henley

1. Conservative candidate John Howell is asked a dozen questions about his links to developers – but repeatedly refuses to answer them fully.

2. John Howell is a county councillor, but misses two key votes on whether a new town should be built in the Oxfordshire countryside.

3. And then to round it off, John Howell has been talking about how important campaigning to save the local hospital has been to him, but the two key hospital campaigners have pointed out that:

The Townlands Campaign has always been a community based campaign led by local people. The first time I was ever aware of John Howell was after he was first selected as a candidate in the by-election.

No-one I have spoken to on the Townlands Steering Group is aware of any contribution he has made to the campaign to save Townlands Hospital


John Howell has never been heard of until this election started.

The local Conservative Party has watched from the sidelines, whilst the Henley Residents Group has inspired the Town Council to fund the ‘Support Townlands campaign’ to the tune of £30,000. [henleylibdems.org.uk]

P.S. I don’t think his attacks on the Liberal Democrats for wanting a full-time police station in Henley are likely to turn out too well for him either. There’s a distinct whiff of panic about rushing out a poorly printed leaflet attacking another party for wanting better policing.

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