A reminder of why there’s more to the Daily Mail than meets the eye

The Daily Mail isn’t popular with Liberal Democrat members. It is, however, popular amongst Liberal Democrat voters.

If you’re one of the former puzzled about the latter, today’s edition provides a good example of one of the reasons why this is so: the Daily Mail has a leader on an issue of civil liberties, praising Nick Clegg for taking the liberal line and calling for more of the same.

There’s rather more to the Daily Mail┬áthan the usual simple descriptions capture. And then there’s the Mail on Sunday, which despite the name and despite sharing the same website often has a very different editorial line from its daily colleague. An editorial line, moreover, which is rather more conducive to Liberal Democrat beliefs.

One response to “A reminder of why there’s more to the Daily Mail than meets the eye”

  1. I'm a lot more scared at the Daily Mail praising Clegg rather than their usual rhetoric. At least you know where you are when your enemies are attacking you…

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