Now *this* is a political video that gets the message right

Colleagues in the office may have been wondering why I got up, punched the air, did a jig around my chair and screamed, “Yay! That man gets what Easter is all about!” 22 seconds into this film.

At least they would have been, if I had.

Being English (even if not a Morris dancer), I smiled.

See if you can do better than me:

One response to “Now *this* is a political video that gets the message right”

  1. A break? I'll be busy delivering leaflets and canvassing! the campaign must go on! LOL

    I don't do easter personally, being an atheist and all. It's just a couple of days off work. Nothing special planned except a trip to York on Sunday to watch Classic Mini's racing VW Beetles 🙂

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