Nick Clegg criticises Heniz for pulling advert

From Pink News:

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has become the first party leader to comment on the decision of food manufacturer Heinz to withdraw an advert from TV because it depicted two men kissing.

Nick Clegg has written to the the Director of UK Corporate Affairs at Heinz expressing his disappointment at their decision and asking them to reconsider.

“The depiction of a same-sex kiss in this advert was innocent both in tone and content, and I am shocked that you decided to withdraw it,” he wrote.

“While I understand that some people in Britain today are uncomfortable with same-sex relationships, such prejudice should not be condoned by an organisation of your size and stature.

“The sight of two men kissing affectionately should not be considered offensive or controversial.

“This is particularly the case in an advertisement which was so rich in irony and double-meaning.

Their full story also includes the advert, whilst Andrew Reeves’s blog includes details of how to complain to Heinz:

Nigel Dickie, Director of UK Corporate and Government Affairs
Telephone: 020 8848 2726
E-mail: Nigel.Dickie@uk.hjheinz.com
Heinz’s free phone number: 0800 528 5757

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