A double dose from me on civil liberties in today’s Independent

First, in the story about the letter to Tim Farron from Lib Dem members over online snooping:

And then on the letters page, with added commas courtesy of the sub-eds:

David Cameron is right to say that the government’s first priority is to protect the public. When it comes to his plans for online surveillance, I do want plans that protect members of the public like myself, not only from terrorists but also from snooping journalists, unscrupulous employers and disgruntled acquaintances.

What we have discovered, courtesy of all the stories and investigations into phone hacking and related misdeeds, is that the current set of regulations have been widely and regularly abused. What is more, the regulator (the Interception Commissioner) has failed to detect these problems and his reports instead paint a picture of a system where is all is well.

So yes please, Prime Minister, do protect me. Could you start by protecting me against a faulty system and a failed regulator?

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  1. Excellent coverage, and fantastic letter Mark! Really pleased the Indie have picked up on this so enthusiastically.

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