Campaign Corner: Good luck

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented on or contributed ideas for the Campaign Corner series over the last 25 weeks. With this final post, it’ll have been going for six months and now, with people in full flight campaigning for May’s elections, is a good moment to bring it to an end.

If you are putting some of that advice to the test in May, and especially if you’re a Liberal Democrat, best of luck and I hope it helps.

(If you’re not a Liberal Democrat by all means do follow the main themes of the advice: the public hate people who bother them, so stay clear of leafleting, phoning or door-knocking; rudeness gets their attention far better than politeness if you do by some mistake find yourself conversing with a voter; don’t encumber yourself with a team as they just up the risks of someone breaking the law; and above all, remember that all the paperwork is voluntary.)

If you are still hungry for more information, you may find these two publications useful:

Both are available for only £4 each from ALDC (less for ALDC members). 

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