Unison says: don’t vote Labour

Unison’s advertising campaign for the May local council elections is a bit odd. Odd because, for example, if you click on their Facebook ads you get taken to the front page of the union’s website rather than to a story about the ads. Odd too because the ads rather coyly say “Vote for the party that cares” rather than naming a party Unison wants people to vote for.

But one thing is clear. The ads say “Please don’t vote for public service cuts”.

Well, Labour is pledged to public service cuts in order to reduce the deficit. Smaller and slower cuts than the Tories and Lib Dems are implementing, yes. We can leave to another day the argument over just how much smaller and slower Labour’s proposals really are, but cuts are most certainly part of Labour’s plans.

So when Unison says, “Please don’t vote for public service cuts” it should be saying,”Don’t vote Labour”. Unless of course it’s trying to con people into thinking that Labour’s plans don’t involve public service cuts. But that would just be a cynical belief in union advertising dishonesty.

So let’s be fair and take Unison at their word: they don’t want you to vote Labour.

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