Police investigate Labour in Leeds over fake poll card allegations

The Leeds Labour Party is being investigated by the police for over claims it has broken the law against issuing imitation poll cards.

Parties and candidates are not allowed to issue leaflets which look like official poll cards, but this is what Labour has been distributing in the Otley and Yeadon ward:
Fake Leeds poll card

After the legality of the leaflets was raised with them, the Labour Party has said they stopped delivering the leaflets.

The relevant part of the law is:

No person shall for the purpose of promoting or procuring the election of any candidate at a parliamentary election or a local government election to which this section applies issue any poll card or document so closely resembling an official poll card as to be calculated to deceive (1983 Representation of the People Act)

One response to “Police investigate Labour in Leeds over fake poll card allegations”

  1. Just another example of Leed's Labour Party ignoring or openly flouting election law. Postal vote fraud, personation and now fake poll cards. Whatever next. When will the police REALLY investigate the Leed's Labour Party? They have flunked it up to now despite proof of election fraud.

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