Islington Council gives yobs details of who complained about them


The personal details of more than 50 people have been passed onto thugs who they reported for anti-social behaviour and drug taking on their estate.

Islington Council was notified the Information Commissioner yesterday (Thursday) following the massive breach of data protection which has resulted in the logs of calls from residents of the Andover Estate in Holloway – which included the names, street names or block names, and phone numbers where given – inadvertently falling into the hands of 10 members of a group now banned from the estate off Hornsey Road. [Islington Gazette]

2 responses to “Islington Council gives yobs details of who complained about them”

  1. I agree that this is a bad error.

    It's worth pointing out that this is an example of why the sort of "legal secrecy" people often complain about in the context of terrorism can sometimes be justified. It's not always obviously right that people involved in legal proceedings should be told full details of who's said what about them.

  2. Interesting, the police delivered leaflet to everyone in the area at the weekend telling us how they were maintaining police presence especially on Andover Est etc etc, community policing blabla, friendly pics of police. (one woman one ethnic minority, one white male)

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