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Stroud Green Road potholes on the run

More pothole repairs on Stroud Green Road
Stroud Green Road’s heritage potholes are currently under a pincer attack.

At the northern end of the road there are monster roadworks underway at last. And at the southern end of the road, after months of searching, Thames Water has finally found the leak suspected to be the cause of the regular subsidence causing potholes at the junction with Morris Place.

Fixing the leak has to come before proper pothole repairs as otherwise the water will just carry on undermining the road surface, causing potholes to appear again and again and again.

Islington Council now reports:

Thames Water have now identified a repair to be carried outside 26 Stroud Green Road on a 36inch main. I have asked for a further update from Thames Water as to when this is due to start.

Woo hoo! Well, nearly.

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