This is worse than the Phil Woolas election leaflets

Mary Reid over at Lib Dem Voice has the story of the fake election leaflets used to smear Jane Dodds, the Liberal Democrat candidate in the recent Richmond Council by-election.

There is a nasty racist element to all this as among the false claims made were invented stories about using a local hotel to house immigrants and turning a local pub into a home for released prisoners and drug addicts. This was a deliberate attempt to stoke up extremist views through scaremongering based on invented stories.

But worse than that – and what makes this worse even than the Phil Woolas case – is that the leaflets were carefully constructed forgeries so as to look just like genuine Liberal Democrat leaflets, as you can see from the example in Mary Reid’s post.

The good news is that the police are taking this very seriously.

2 responses to “This is worse than the Phil Woolas election leaflets”

  1. This sort of stunt is classic Lynton Crosby/Mark Textor push-polling stuff from the bad old days in John Howard's Australia….

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