No jokes about Huddle please

Liberal Democrat activists have a bit of a love / hate relationship with Huddle, which is used to provide an intranet service to party campaigners. So no jokes please about the venue Vince Cable used recently to launch the GrowthAccelerator scheme to help small and medium sized businesses:

The new partnership between the Government and the private sector will see proven business experts working with companies to identify their barriers to growth and how to overcome them. This will include tackling problems such as:

  • Securing finance.
  • Commercialising innovation.
  • Developing leadership.
  • Management capability.

Business Secretary Vince Cable launched the programme at Huddle, the computer cloud collaboration company, which is one of the trailblazer businesses taking part. He said:

“The UK boasts vibrant small and medium sized businesses that have the chance to become the household names of tomorrow.

“With targeted support we are giving entrepreneurs a fantastic opportunity to take their businesses forward to succeed both here and abroad. I look forward to seeing what this great programme helps them achieve in the future.”

You can tell that GrowthAccelerator is serious, modern, efficient and dynamic as it doesn’t waste a space between the two words in the way that 19th century literary pedants with no understanding of the wonders of the business world would.


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