Labour MP attacks rural broadband as “faster internet shopping for millionaires”

Labour MP Graham Jones has kicked up a fuss over his attack on the government’s plans to extend high-speed broadband in rural areas, saying it will just mean “faster internet shopping for millionaires”.

The MP for Hyndburn went on to say that the rural broadband investment, “is just about faster internet shopping for wealthy people”.

Liberal Democrat MP David Heath begged to differ, telling the House of Commons that: “The honourable gentleman is deeply mistaken on this subject … If we do not invest properly to allow every member of every community in the country to have access to broadband, we shall have failed”.

Tim Farron has also been a strong supporter of faster rural internet access, hailing a new scheme in his constituency at the turn of the year:

Having access to high-speed internet is absolutely essential to the long term economic and social well-being of our area. I have been working with community groups and BT for months on this and I am delighted that homes will see real differences in the next few months in the broadband speeds. I am delighted that this extra funding has been allocated towards helping us to build the broadband network rural areas like ours need.

One response to “Labour MP attacks rural broadband as “faster internet shopping for millionaires””

  1. The 2 Mbps target for all by May 2015 is pathetic. You can have 10 Mbps now via satellite. The 90 percent (of exactly want is open to debate) of the UK being able to access superfast broadband by the same date is looking decidedly a broken target now and there are 3 years to go. (Again what access actually means is also open to debate).

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