Why does Labour website place a cookie from South Lanarkshire?

I’ve been reading the cookie policy of different websites, as you do.

The Labour Party’s one is a good example of how providing large amounts of detail can actually hinder rather than enhance understanding, as it includes a very long, detailed but not really that informative list of cookies “we could use”. It is not even a comprehensive list, because it only includes the “main” cookies, despite having 119 (!) cookies in the list.

I can see how providing so much detail is at least well intentioned, even if it results in line such as this:

Cookie nameCookie partyExpiryCookie Type
TestCookie3rd partySessionSouth Lanarkshire

“South Lanarkshire”? Yes, “South Lanarkshire”.

A neat example of how providing detailed information does not always provide understanding or clarity.

One response to “Why does Labour website place a cookie from South Lanarkshire?”

  1. S. Lanarkshire. I grew up there, it is a rough neighbourhood of coalmining and the chief town is Hamilton. Politically very labour.

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