Plans to axe photography on Glasgow’s Subway themselves set to be axed

Last month came the bizarre news that Strathclyde Partnership for Transport was wanting to ban photography (not just flash photography, all photography) on Glasgow’s Subway.

Following the resulting public uproar, commonsense seems to be winning out:

A spokesman for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport had yet to respond to our request for comment, but said a committee meeting is due to be held about the issue on Friday.

It is reported that, as on the London Underground, flash photography will not be allowed but other forms of photography will be permitted. (Amateur Photographer)

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie has welcomed the news:

It shouldn’t have taken a public consultation for Strathclyde Partnership Board to realise the absurdity of their ban plans. Had it not been for eagle-eyed photography enthusiasts, this bye-law may have been passed without the public realising.

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