Shock! Horror! Sutton do something different with a Lib Dem raffle!

Sutton Lib Dem raffle ticketsSaturday was once again excellent summer party hosted by Sutton Liberal Democrats (home of the canine delivery assistants), complete with – of course – a raffle.

But a raffle with a difference and one that has until now escaped my list of tips for a good Liberal Democrat raffle.

The neat idea they had was a very simple one: write the name of each person who buys a raffle ticket on the back of the stub. That way, when the winning raffle tickets are pulled out of the hat you get “Chris Jones!” and the said Chris Jones immediately knows they have won and heads off to pick up a prize.

In other words, you avoid the usual, “Blue 32!” “Or is that Green 32?” “I think that’s me. Oh no, sorry, I’ve got 132.” “Is it Sam’s? I think it’s is Sam’s. Has Sam gone?” “Sam left me the tickets. But no 32 here.” “Oh, maybe it’s me. Where have I put my bag?” “Let’s just draw another one then.” And so on.

Simple, neat and as with many of the raffle tips, it keeps the prize drawing short and fun rather than an endurance test for those who don’t have to leave to catch a train / pick up a child / mollify a partner / seek a life.

The warm up acts for the raffle included Ed Davey, who talked about the importance in particular of home insulation for people with solid walls and encouraging collective energy purchasing by groups of people to get lower prices.

He was followed by Sutton Council’s new Liberal Democrat leader, Ruth Dombey, who stressed the importance of encouraging green growth in the borough. She also – in a very nice touch – gave over a good part of her speech to thanking all the Liberal Democrats who over the decades had worked so hard, bringing about the opportunity for her to become council leader.

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