Kingston Lib Dems once again deploy their secret weapon

Saturday morning saw me canvassing postal voters by the Thames over in Kingston, including one rather nice Art Deco block of flats:
There's a pleasingly Art Deco feel to this Kingston canvassing
I went out armed with the Kingston Liberal Democrats secret weapon:
Kingston Lib Dems: brown envelope
You might think that is just a plain brown envelope, and you would be right. But what Kingston does is give everyone a supply of these, so that if you find yourself at a block of flats with a communal letterbox, you can quickly address an envelope for each leaflet you need to leave behind – making sure it has a much higher chance of getting to the person you want and being looked at by them.

Nice touch, and one that compliments my tips for getting the most out of delivery sessions.

One other nice touch too – giving us specific leaflets on specific topics to use if people got into detailed conversations on them. Useful both to give them follow up information and also to double-up as a briefing sheet on those topics.

Polling day for the Grove ward by-election is 5th July. More information about Rebekah Moll is here and information on how to help Rebekah Moll and her team is here.

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