Haringey Labour’s bizarre logic

A few days back, I spotted a Haringey Council poster aimed at Haringey residents put up in – of all places – Westminster Tube Station. (For those not familiar with London, Westminster is not only not Haringey, it is not next to Haringey either.)

A pretty wasteful place to put up the poster and so no surprise that Lynne Featherstone, one of Haringey’s MPs, picked up on the issue.

More surprising, however, has been Haringey Council’s reaction – or more accurately, that of the ruling Labour group.

It’s not that the poster was put up in the wrong place by mistake by the advertising firm (a possibility which crossed a few people’s minds judging by the initial reaction to the photo).

It’s not even that it was an advertising location got on the cheap; in fact, it has turned out to have been a location that cost more than those in Haringey.

Nor has the exposure even resulted in Labour councillors saying, ‘ok, we made a mistake’.

Instead, they’ve got for a bit of bluster in the local press about how if you think the expensive poster location is a wasteful use of money then you must be knocking the scheme the poster is advertising.

It’s a weird logic to equate support for a scheme with supporting wasteful spending to promote the scheme, but that’s Haringey Labour’s logic for you.

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