A striking party funding statistic

From Democratic Audit’s latest, er…, democratic audit comes this about political donations in the UK:

3 responses to “A striking party funding statistic”

  1. £318M out of how much in total – did it say? (Yes I did look at the source but could not find that statistic.)

    • The "total donations" figures that get published aren't really totals as they are "total donations declared to Electoral Commission", a non-trivial caveat when you remember that this excludes – for example – donations given directly to individual candidate campaigns. So I tend not to look too closely for "total" figures!

  2. it's obscene, not the amount but that it's so few people.. (the amount spent in the US is obscene) but if we want to cut the influence of the wealthy few we have to be prepared for the Govt to pay to deliver a set number of leaflets per candidate and no more. The debacle with this week's Police Commissioner is at the other extreme where some areas have had nothing from any candidate and so the turnout will be low.

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