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Pizza Express: Thayer Street

Pizza Express, Thayer Street, London
What to say about the Pizza Express in Thayer Street? I think you know. It’s those toilet signs again. Or more to the point the decision to model one of the men on one of the said signs on someone wearing very low slung trousers.

Why? Who knows, but regular readers will have long since concluded that the mysteries of the different silhouettes in Pizza Express toilet signs are something to marvel at rather than to understand.

Toilet signage experts may also wish to note that despite the building, inside and out, being thoroughly redone in the ‘new’ Pizza Express brand look, some of the signs are in an off-brand font.

Those with more prosaic interests can tut tut at the paint work in the men’s toilets, which is surprisingly messy for an outlet recently redone. And only a mean person would raise the circuitous route I took to the toilets.

A footnote for any visitors to Thayer Street: the invisible mending shop does invisible mending rather than being an invisible shop. Worthy if not as exciting.

So that is 36 down, 102 (or thereabouts) to go.

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