How to report SMS spam to your mobile phone provider

Recently needing to do this, I came across this very helpful table courtesy of Money Saving Expert.

If you receive a spam text message, all you need do is forward it to the relevant number, making for a wonderfully simple and quick way of reporting it and so doing your bit to help tackle text messaging spam:

NetworkWhat to do?
O2Forward message to 7726
VodafoneForward message to 87726
OrangeForward message to 7726
T-MobileForward message to 7726
ThreeForward message to 37726

It also makes sense to report spam SMS to the Information Commissioner too, which you can do quickly and easily online.

2 responses to “How to report SMS spam to your mobile phone provider”

  1. 7726 is spam using the number keys. Makes it easier to remember 🙂

    The 8 that Vodafone uses is a V, so that's easy too – as is the 3 that 3 uses.

  2. This is a total waste of time effort and temper. I have forwarded over 70 spam texts to Orange 7726 this month so far (its the 17th July today)   and am still receiving at least 3 per day.
    Have had 3 already by noon.
    I even got them abroad at 5am and 1145pm during my holiday and had to pay to receive them!. Am at the end of my tether on this. I’d perpetrate violence very cheerfully if I could get my hand on these companies
    IAM registered with TPS AND have reported all the numbers (ALL PAYDAY LOAN companies) to the COI
    The texts keep coming

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