The finest set of political typos this year, courtesy of Glenda Jackson

We all make the occasional typo and, whilst unfortunate, it’s no big deal. But sometimes there are typos just so bizarre that they deserve a wider audience. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you page 5 of Labour MP Glenda Jackson’s latest constituency magazine:

Camden appear to be doing well in some areas, however, they are severely lacking on several issues:

  • Residual waste per head is 241 household waste per head, which is low compared with some councils where the waste reaches over 400 household per head …
  • Only 5% of our Greens are being recycled, compared with over 10% in other London boroughs.

Glenda Jackson Labour Leaflet

I do hope the last bullet point is a reference to what should happen to left-over vegetables rather than to Green Party members.

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