5 things you shouldn’t miss: the bots behind Wikipedia, spotting cancers and more

Welcome to the latest of my monthly collections for the Engine Group of five links that you shouldn’t miss.


The bots that edit Wikipedia
Behind the scenes of Wikipedia, the international encyclopedia which anyone can edit, is a small army of automated programs that keep the site going.

An app – to check for skin cancer
Take a photo with your smartphone’s camera and help stay healthy.

Use a phone to talk to people? How very old school
The enormous new Ofcom survey is out, packed full of useful data – including that the number of phone calls we make is dropping.

Crackpots, geniuses, and how to tell the difference
Ostensibly about science, this piece’s checklist also works as a pretty good sceptical filter for overblown press releases too.

Facebook tries to teach people to be nice to each other online
Never let it be said Facebook just goes for the quick and easy obejctives…



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