Latest Lib Dem membership figures and accounts

From today’s publication of party accounts by the Electoral Commission for national party organisations (i.e. excluding some of the component parts of the parties):

Liberal Democrats

Income £6,204,766
Expenditure £6,504,743
Surplus / (deficit) -£299,977*
Membership 48,934** (trend figures for membership here)

* There would have been a £217,473 surplus had it not been for a one-off write-off of a debt owed to the Federal Party by the Parliamentary Office of the Liberal Democrats which, after the loss of Cranborne and Short money income, was never going to be realistically repaid.
** 31 December 2011.

Conservative Party

Income £23,660,000
Expenditure £22,971,000
Surplus / (deficit) £689,000
Membership n/a*

* Membership fee income was down from £1,031,000 in 2010 to £863,000 in 2011 and see the Independent’s Tory membership in crisis story.

Labour Party

Income £31,326,000
Expenditure £30,253,000
Surplus / (deficit) £1,073,000
Membership 193,300*

* 31 December 2011.

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  1. Well using the figure 25% average till Dec 2011 and what I know now that means a drop in again membership of 37%

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