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Pizza Express: Canary Wharf

Pizza Express, Canary Wharf
The Canary Wharf Pizza Express is in one of those classic venues which is absolutely jammed at peak time and very quiet outside peak. As a result, a huge open plan spread of empty tables confronted me as we walked into the Pizza Express in Canary Wharf. Where did the staff shepherd us to sit? To the corner furthest away from the toilets. Coincidence or not? You decide.

Regular readers can be reassured that this did not stop me investigating the toilet signage and a good thing too: off-brand (no surprise there), and  off-brand in an inventive way – with cartoons showing the way. The man/women silhouettes were, as so often, not quite the norm – instead showing a set of curved limbs that either reflects swish artistic freedom or people with their limbs burdened down by invisible weights.

To the food then, or at least the food that was available – as a rather large number of items were either certainly or possibly out of stock. Even in the middle of the Olympics, that seemed pretty poor stock control for a quiet Saturday afternoon patch. The service otherwise was fine and the new lemon dessert I tried tasty. The colouring sheets for children went down a treat (and bonus points for whoever sharpens the coloured pencils; a tin full of sharpening is work well done).

So that is 39 down, 99 (or thereabouts) to go.

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