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More Stroud Green Road pothole excitement, with a green tinge

Serious pot holes repair work on Stroud Green Road
A news release pings in to my inbox about the repairs being made to Stroud Green Road’s heritage potholes (northern section).

I had actually wondered when going past the roadworks why there wasn’t the usual smell of sticky black stuff, even though a long stretch of the northern end of the road was being dug up, sorted out and resurfaced.

It turns out there’s a green reason:

A greener solution to road repairs emerged this week as Islington trialled a new type of tarmac which saves money and helps the environment.

‘Tempera’ is a road material that looks and pours like regular tarmac and is just as durable but with one key difference – it can be handled at much lower temperatures.

Less heating means less fuel is used and fewer CO2 emissions created. It also means cash savings over conventional methods. Tempera sets more quickly reducing the length of time roads need to be closed leading to faster journeys.

Speaking at Stroud Green Road, N4, this week, Cllr Greg Foxsmith, Executive Member for Environment, Islington Council said:

“I am very proud to be here on the day the first road in Islington is laid with this new material. It promises quicker and cheaper repairs and fewer emissions.

“Roads in the borough are heavily used. We need repairs to be convenient, cost effective and reduce the amount of time lanes are coned off – Tempera might be it.”

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