“Lib Dem MPs urge Osborne to alter course” – including Annette Brooke

It’s significant that Annette Brooke, very far from one of the ‘usual suspects’, is one of the MPs quoted by the Financial Times:

Liberal Democrats have, for the first time, begun to break ranks with the chancellor, calling for him to loosen his deficit reduction targets and fund immediate building and infrastructure projects…

Mr Pugh said: “We need to look again very carefully at the implications of the sharp reduction we have seen in capital expenditure.”…

Annette Brooke, another Lib Dem MP and former economist, agreed with Mr Pugh. She said: “It is really important that we should be focusing on boosting growth. Even though a lot of really good ideas have come out of the government, they all tend to have involved small sums of money.”…

An aide to Mr Clegg said: “Discussions on how to boost growth are going to go on all through the summer, there is going to be huge pressure on us to do more on that. But we are not going to tear up our economic plans.”

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