Lib Dems publish plan for 300,000 homes to be built a year

I’ve talked a few times about how housing has become an increasingly important policy in the rhetoric of Liberal Democrat ministers (see Danny Alexander set to up the ante on anti-Tory rhetoric and housing and Vince Cable on “one of the great acts of economic vandalism in modern times”).

Whether or not that rhetoric will produce policy results is the big question.

At which point, enter stage left a policy motion in the agenda for next month’s Liberal Democrat conference:

The Liberal Democrats would increase the rate of housebuilding to 300,000 homes per year, according to an upcoming policy paper.

The paper, which will be tabled at next month’s party conference, also proposes giving social tenants the power to vote to have their homes transferred to another housing provider willing to receive them.

Funded by public sector pension funds, the 300,000 properties a year target would more than double the current rate of housebuilding…

“We believe many council tenants, private tenants and housing association tenants are very poorly serviced indeed by their landlords,” said councillor Richard Kemp, leader of Liverpool Liberal Democrats and chair of Plus Dane Housing, who worked on the proposals. “By giving tenants more rights we can give them more say in what happens in their life and we can deal with a lot of the underlying problems they face.” (The Guardian)

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  1. Hmmmm. Not a popular topic round here at the moment. There are proposals afoot for something like2800 new homes which if implemented will effectively make this area a whole new and totally different place. The Council states that developers will not build on brownfield sites, so we now have proposals for new builds on all greenfield land, some of which is not even scheduled for building purposes! One suspects that palms are crossed with silver.

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