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Where Do Comedians Go When They Die?

Milton Jones - Where Do Comedians Go When They Die - coverMilton Jones’s Where Do Comedians Go When They Die? first came out in 2009 and was then re-released courtesy of the Robson Press imprint run by Biteback. A good thing too, as it’s a very funny book which also gives a great insight into the life of a stand-up comedian.

It is not really autobiographical. As the author says at the start “All the events happened either to me, someone I know or someone I’ve completely made up”. Freed from that need to accurately reflect one person’s life, the book weaves about through so many events that it gives a much better feel for the professional of stand up comedian overall, as well as leaving the reader relieved that no one poor soul has been through quite all the events told.

The narrative is rather choppy – lots of short scenes, jumping back and forth between different story threads. That could be confusing. But it is done so well it helps keep up the pace and interest, as well as reflecting the magpie like jumping from idea to idea that epitomises many stand-ups.

Far more importantly, the book is simply very funny, with the quips and puns supported by a cast of rounded characters who are substantial enough to make scenes without jokes sill enjoyable to read.

Buy Where Do Comedians Go When They Die? Journey of a Stand-up by Milton Jones here.

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