One fallout from today’s press about Nick Clegg and the leadership is…

… it makes the idea that the government would go ahead with the Draft Communications Data Bill, at least in anything other than a massively altered version, that bit less likely.

Against the current economic and political backdrop, both internal and external, to go ahead with a piece of legislation which:

  1. Costs money
  2. Makes it harder for new, small firms to compete and grow
  3. Isn’t in the Coalition Agreement
  4. Wasn’t in the Liberal Democrat manifesto
  5. Has never been Liberal Democrat policy
  6. Many activists feel very strongly about

would be bizarre, baffling, bewildering – and wrong.

It would also be the sort of blunder that would turn flights of fancy chats about leadership into serious speculation.

In other words, just the sort of thing a sensible party leader will run a mile from doing.



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