Rehsuffles, reasonable Liberal Democrats and Jo Swinson’s rising star: Guardian podcast

This week’s Politics Weekly podcast from The Guardian features, ahem, myself alongside Dan Sabbagh, Juliette Jowit and Tom Clark. Amazingly, we talked reshuffle, then reshuffle and a bit more reshuffle, including how Jo Swinson is now one of the party’s main rising stars.

All three of the Guardianistas are their own people with their own views, yet I was struck how between them they didn’t particularly paint the reshuffle as a lurch to the right – more a nudge of a few points – and also how they were relatively kind to the Liberal Democrats too. Not quite the collective Guardian viewpoint of cliché.

Listen and enjoy when I get berated for being too reasonable, boo when I commit the sin of answering a question with an acronym and find out what I like about what Labour is doing…

Listen too for what both Dan Sabbagh and Juliette Jowit have to say about new minister Maria Miller; they are both rather complimentary which I suspect will surprise quite a few people.

You can listen to the podcast here.


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