You know the problem with Il Vittoriano? It’s just too small

To say that Il Vittoriano, the monument in Rome to unified Italy’s first King, is massive is rather like saying Justin Bieber has a few fans. True, yet hugely understating the scale of the truth.

Visiting it and taking the lift (requires paid-for ticket) to the roof presents you with a view that has two major plus points. First, it’s a fantastic view out over a lovely city. Second, it’s about the only view in Rome which is not blighted by Il Vittoriano.

When it comes to grandly over-sized productions, the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II makes Americans look like small town amateurs. This is not just big. It is BIG.

From the normal view out front it is hard to see just how large it looms:

So take a look at those winged horses on top. Now look at this photo taken of one of them, snapped from the foot of the other:

See how tiny those people in red in the middle are? And they are only just over half-way between the camera and the horses. Then figure out just how big the horses must be…

No wonder the views are so great.


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