Timetable for selecting Euro candidates (England)

17 September
Deadline for shortlists to be notified to applicants and to the Senior Returning Officer.

17 September – 3 October
Period to resolve any appeals.
Candidates shortlisted in more than two Regions to choose two.

3 October
Shortlists finalised.

12 October
Selection campaign formally starts.
Email sent to all party members with details of shortlist in their region and hustings meetings (now called “Members’ meetings”).

9 November
Target date for ballot papers to arrive with members. Postal system vagaries mean in reality ballot paper arrivals will be spread out over several days.

26 November
Last date ballot papers can be posted by first class post to arrive in time.

28 November
Deadline for return of ballot papers – by noon or second post.

1 December
Count (to be confirmed).

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