How many members of the public have heard of Lib Dem Voice?

Here’s the result of a survey of the public about their awareness of different blogs:

5 responses to “How many members of the public have heard of Lib Dem Voice?”

  1. Given that our rivals are less than 2% ahead of us and they have loads of money and we have a £2 coin and a half finished packet of polos, I think that's pretty good for Lib Dem Voice. However, it just goes to show that the vast majority of people don't know much about the blogosphere – not even well funded sites like the Huffington Post.

    • More likely not interested in mainstream politics than the blogosphere (awful world). In any event, the online community creates more of a level playing field as far as finances are concerned – it's just a very large playing field alongside all the other topics out there.

    • It's true that most people don't know anything about the richness and diversity that the blogosphere has to offer. I am not at all surprised that the public don't really know about Lib Dem Voice; by and large the sources of political news the public turn to still seem to be the mainstream media. I must confess to being a little intrigued by the fact that far more are aware of Guido Fawkes than they are the principal collaborative blogs of the three main parties.

    • Doesn't Guido Fawkes higher score suggest that it's maybe not just the mainstream media that people are pickiing up political news. More likely to be anyone except the mainstream parties. Hell, even the most partisan Lib Dem blog is usually more informative than much of the "official" output.

      LDV has a USP as it's not an official party organ. Part of it's challenge, I think , is that it all too often comes over as if it was just that.

    • Hey Caron I've not only heard of it I actually read it. I may not agree with the sentiments expressed on all occasions but I do sometimes concur with the contributors views. Well you know me, I do like a good read & the Lib Dem Voice is a good read. Love & Best Wishes Gayle XXX

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