Nick Clegg: re-elect Tim Farron as Party President

Neither is quite so gauche as to say it explicitly, but you hardly have to peer between the lines to work out what message is meant to be imparted by a piece from Nick Clegg praising Tim Farron’s record as President, especially when it’s contained in a leaflet handed out at conference by Tim’s re-election team and with a form asking people to sign Tim’s nomination papers tucked inside.

It is looking like it will be an uncontested re-election so far, but credit to Tim for still taking it seriously.

That is not only sensible caution, as complacent candidates often rightly become unstuck. It also means Tim and his team are making good use of the opportunities to communicate internally, to motivate members and to spread positive stories such as the leaflet’s account of successful membership recruitment in northern England.

As Hull councillor Claire Thomas is quoted as saying:

If we can get 13 new members in one month in an inner-city ward in Hull, just think how many people there are across the country waiting to be asked to join.



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