Sharon Bowles bids to be next Governor of the Bank of England

The Daily Telegraph reports of the Liberal Democrat MEP Sharon Bowles and her bid for a new role:

Sharon Bowles said that being a “woman and an outsider”, as well as her deep knowledge of financial regulation, made her a strong candidate to become the first female Governor of the Bank of England in its 318-year history…

“I know more about financial services legislation than anybody else which fits well with the new expanded remit of the Bank of England,” the chairman of the European Parliament’s monetary and economic affairs committee told The Daily Telegraph.

She said that compared to the other applicants, that include Paul Tucker, deputy Governor of the Bank, Lord Turner, chairman of the FSA, and economist John Vickers, “just about everything about me is different. I’m an independent. I’m not from the Bank or the City of the Financial Services Authority.

“I’m not someone [who was] sitting on the monetary policy committee when the bubbles were growing in the boom years and doing nothing to pop them.”

Ms Bowles, who said she applied for the job the day before the deadline on October 7, added: “We need a strong signal of change – change that flows through the City. The new Governor has is to restore faith in the banking system. What bigger sign of change is there than choosing a woman and an outsider?”

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