MEP quits party – and it’s good news for liberals

Ah, bless. More problems for the racist and far-right BNP as the party loses an MEP:

The Yorkshire and Humber MEP Andrew Brons has announced he has resigned from the British National Party… “The current Chairman of the rump BNP has described me in a text to his attack dogs as ‘vermin’.” [ITV]

4 responses to “MEP quits party – and it’s good news for liberals”

  1. I first came across him in Harrogate in 1974 when he was National Front and people were protesting about him outside Harrogate College of Further Education, where he was a lecturer.

  2. Whether this is good news or not I'm not sure. You could now see the ex-BNP factions coalescing around his leadership and turning their attentions outwards rather than fighting each other.

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