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Men and women at work: simple pictures can tell a complex story well

There’s a great example in today’s release of the latest employment figures of the power of simple pictures to communicate complex points.

In this case, it is the use of two pie charts by the Office of National Statistics, pulling together a large number of figures and putting them in a context that is easy to follow:

9 responses to “Men and women at work: simple pictures can tell a complex story well”

  1. Back to the original post – I agree that these are good graphics. I'm particularly pleased that as pie charts they are shown completely flat. The "pie charts on a tilt" that it is so easy to create using Excel (and, I guess, other packages) are far worse at actually transmitting the information, as it's hard to see exactly how the slices compare in size.

  2. Am I inactive? I am raising five sons and easily spend over 20 hrs a week volunteering in local church and school communities and other charitable organisations.

  3. and how should I understand the fact the statistics service provided the chart of fuull and part time employment where the part time employment is high? but here it can be seen that full time rating is higher…

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