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Pizza Express: Russia Row – the land of milk and honey

Welcome to the land of milk and honey. And hygiene (see photo).

On the ground floor the Pizza Express on Russia Row is decorated with yellow honeycomb structures painted on the wall and hanging from the ceiling. Downstairs, there are different sorts of milk containers painted on the walls. And the toilet signage is all in the shape of milk bottles (making it non-standard, of course).

Milk and honey chosen, in typical Pizza Express style, to pay homage to the surroundings.

Nearby Milk Street is the cause of the basement and toilets choice of furnishing. Milk Street is also where milk was sold in a market on the site as far back as the 12th century and in the 15th century was the birthplace for the author of Utopia, Sir Thomas More. A blue plaque marks the location. The street is also where the oldest Jewish ritual bath (mikveh) excavated in the UK was discovered. As for the ground floor’s honey? The Honey Lane Market used to be at 1 Milk Street.

Also of note is the glass frontage on both the Pizza Express and the shop front opposite, so situated and lighted that when you sit in the Pizza Express the reflection on the windows as you look out makes it appear there is another Pizza Express opposite, inhabited by remarkably similar looking people at similarly located tables.

Typical or not, the time I was there, the customers were 80% female.

So that is 41 down, 97 (or thereabouts) to go.

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