5 things you shouldn’t miss: infographics, clever suitcases, privacy and more

Welcome to the latest of my monthly collections for the Engine Group of five links that you shouldn’t miss.


Infographics: What the Department of Health has learnt about doing them
Includes a handy set of eight lessons learnt so far.


Privacy: Microsoft uses new IE feature to block information being passed to advertisers
Targeted ads face an uncertain future as Microsoft defaults to tight privacy setting on latest version of Internet Explorer.


Searching: Did you know there’s an A-Z directory of Twitter users? And also one of Facebook users?
Just like the old phone book, including silly names chosen specially to get near the start.


Data: Sharing by email becoming less common from US websites suggests sharing stories by email is becoming less popular as people prefer newer social media instead.


Want, want, want: A suitcase that automatically follows you around
Not as cool as a hoverboard, but close.


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