Judging Jimmy Savile

OK, I know due legal process and all that is important. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

But sometimes you don’t have to wait until the police and legal systems have done their stuff to have a firm view.

And when you look at all the evidence the media has been reporting, it’s pretty clear he’s guilty, isn’t it?

It’s even become a standing joke that you just have to look at him to know he’s just the sort of person who would commit those crimes. Perhaps like me you heard the jokes on the last episode of the News Quiz and like the studio audience laughed along with them.

I mean, just look at him. He’s obviously guilty isn’t he?

So I’ve no doubt when the investigations conclude, we’ll know for sure that Chris Jefferies was guilty.

Oh, hang on…


(Yes, I do think Jimmy Savile was almost certainly guilty of horrendous crimes. But all that stuff about how you just have to look at him to know that? Count me out.)

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