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So, where are the ITV resignations?

George Entwistle has, rightly, resigned for the combination of the Newsnight blunders and his own failure to show good leadership in public. (His final Radio 4 Today program interview will, I’m sure, feature in many future training sessions on how not to handle a crisis and indeed how not to ignore social media.)

But of course Newsnight isn’t the only TV show to have got things badly wrong. So where’s the responsibility being taken by managers at ITV for the Phillip Schofield incident?

Even without the disastrously misjudged camera angle, it would have been a badly-judged stunt, treating highly speculative rumours lacking evidence the same as if they were serious questions arising from properly conducted investigative journalism.

Big mistake. The BBC, being the BBC, gets itself into the firing line and into all sorts of contortions when it makes those sorts of mistakes. ITV however…?

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