I rather like this email from Danny Alexander

Good combination of subject line (“Cutting your tax bill”) and sender name (“Chief Secretary to the Treasury”) to make you interested? Check.

Plain English? Check.

Explain why my support is important at this particular moment in time? Check.

Sent via professional e-campaigning package that lets you evaluate open rates and the like? Check.

One action and only one action the email wants you to take? Check.

Repeated reference to the one action? Check.

Text of email all about taking that action? Check.

Footnote to clarify the implied caveat which may be obvious but which previous online activities have shown generates complaints if it isn’t there? Check.

Iterative improvement on previous emails? Check.

Oh come on Mark, surely you can find something to say you’d have done a bit different? Check. Two things, in fact. The “please forward” plea would most likely work better with a hotlink to make it directly happen and there’s too much in the way of numbers at the expense of the human story behind them.

>(If you like the substance of the message, numbers and all, you too can back the campaign for fairer taxes here.)

(Click on email for larger version)

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