Haringey: third-worst primary schools in London

A Haringey Liberal Democrats story brings the news:

Just 58% of children in Haringey go to a good or outstanding primary school compared to 92% in Camden, 91% in Barnet  and 89% in Islington.The figures are laid out in a report by Ofsted that compared schools across the country and show Haringey is third worst council in London for primary schools.

Figures for secondary schools also show Haringey behind neighbouring areas although the gap is smaller than for primaries…

Cllr Katherine Reece, Liberal Democrat spokesperson on children and education comments:

Parents rightly want the best education for their children and compared to Camden and Islington, Haringey is nowhere near to providing that.

Urgent action needs to be taken to turn around the borough’s failing schools. Other councils have managed it.  Children in Haringey deserve so much better than this.

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