5 things you shouldn’t miss: cleaning up your social media, checking on Facebook Pages and more

Welcome to the latest of my monthly collections for the Engine Group of five links that you shouldn’t miss.


Social media neglected in crisis management [Link now defunct]More than two out of three professionals in comms, marketing and social media admitted there is a gap in their businesses’ social media planning for responding to crisis situations.


Cleaning up your social media profiles
A handy 3-step guide to keeping your social media profiles neat and secure.


How is your Facebook Page performing?
This free tool from PostRocket has an answer. Hope you don’t get any D grades.


Networking people at the same event: Eventbrite takes a more social turn
Find out how the popular ticketing tool Eventbrite is hoping to build mini-social networks based on who is at an event.


Ooops. Someone mislaid December
Obviously not a fan of Christmas.


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