Letter from the Leader: Nick Clegg on the Leveson Inquiry

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So what would be my tip for next time? The linked to video is on The Guardian website, but is available to embed elsewhere, so I would have put it on a party website and then linked to it there. Why? Because that way you help build up the readership for your own site, rather than for someone else’s. Moreover once people have come to a site and viewed the content they may look at other content on the site too – so better it is your site than someone else’s.


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Dear Mark,

On Thursday afternoon I made a statement in Parliament on the Liberal Democrat response to the Leveson Inquiry. I spoke after the Prime Minister, to outline my view that we must implement Leveson’s plans for an effective new press watchdog, underpinned by legal guarantees.

As you may have picked up, the Prime Minister and I disagreed; there is not yet an agreed “government line”. That’s in part why we had to make separate statements – a major departure from Parliamentary protocol, apparently.

I’m often non-plussed by the arcane rules of the House of Commons, most of which make no sense to ordinary human beings. To me it felt like the most natural thing in the world: two opinions, two statements.

Rather than repeat here what I said in the Commons do watch for yourself here.

Best wishes,
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Nick Clegg

PS I’m keen to here your views on this extremely important issue, do get in touch with me.


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