Government putting finishing touches to removing sexism in Royal succession

Back in 2008 when Lynne Featherstone and other Liberal Democrats first started making a serious push to get the rules of royal succession changed by abolishing the ‘boy succeeds to the throne even if they are younger than their sister’ rule (aka royal primogeniture), there were plenty outside the party – and even a few inside it – who thought there was no chance of this ever happening.

As Lynne wrote at the time:

Whatever one thinks of the monarchy – and this is not that debate – this is wrong and needs correction. Tackling sexism in the monarchy would send a strong symbolic message to the rest of society.

It’s a reform that is overwhelmingly backed by the public, that the other Commonwealth governments now agree with and which even George Osborne has supported.

And here’s the latest:

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announce they are expecting first baby
… Nick Clegg said the government was “working right now” to “put the finishing touches to legislation which will update the very old-fashioned rules of succession, which mean that if they have a baby girl, regardless of whether the baby girl then has younger brothers in the future, she will be able to succeed to the throne.

“So it’s a very exciting day, but also we’re making sure that if it is a baby girl, she can be our queen.”

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