Don’t mention the snow

Whenever bad winter weather hits the UK and causes traffic problems, there’s a chorus of “why can’t we keep with it when other countries manage fine?” To which the simple answer is: have you taken a look at what really happens elsewhere?

In that vein, here is some German travel news:

More snow is on the way, said the German weather service (DWD) on Monday, adding to the thick blanket covering most of the country and exacerbating travel woes amid countless accidents on the roads…

Hundreds of flights were cancelled over the weekend when Germany’s biggest airport was forced to shut down…

DWD warned that the new snow, coupled with strong winds in the south, will raise the risk of snow drifts, which along with ice and freezing rain could make life even more difficult for motorists.

So don’t mention the snow – and be ready to stop people talking to you about the snow.

Finally, as it’s the weekend, here’s that famous sketch to enjoy:

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