Did you know this about me? I certainly didn’t

Jack Wills gift cardWhen you look at me, do you think, “Hey, he’s a Jack Wills kind of person, and no doubt is an Extra Large”? No, me neither. Turns out we were both wrong.

Lured in by gift voucher acquired via one of the PeerIndex perk schemes (social media influencer programs, I thank you), I visited a Jack Wills for the first time last week, taking to their Islington store.

The partially amputated manikins sitting in bath tubs are a new form of store decoration on me, though one that also rather grew on me once I’d overcome the urge to check outside to see if there was a sign saying “Warning! Horror film production in progress”.

When I left the store, I was the owner of two rather spiffing looking and fitting jumpers, one in my customary Medium size and the other Extra Large.

This wasn’t an error, for on trying out the Medium in that range and nearly being unable to breathe, I discovered that for some reason it does the opposite of what clothing manufacturers are usually teased about. Rather than making everyone feel good about themselves by making the sizes seem smaller and slimmer than they really are, this range goes for the opposite. ‘You think you’re a Medium Sir? Oh dear, dear, dear. You’re really an Extra Large.’

So aside from the bonus of the staff being very friendly and helpful, another reason to shop in their stores rather than on the Jack Wills website is simply that who know what sizes the goods you order on the website will turn out to be when they arrive.

Whichever way you do it, I recommend taking a look at their jumpers.

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